Thruster 01

Short summary:

The new and revolutionary Ultra Compact (UC) Thruster has been developed from the ground up with state of the art components and innovate design ideas.

There has also been put a lot of emphasis on easy installation; in a new installation, all you have to do is to drill 3 holes in the tunnel with a drilling template sticker, slide in the special designed bracket, (shown below), to support the Thruster while you from the inside add the MotorController bracket and mount all together with only 2 bolts. In a new installation, all you need is to grease the included three O-rings for tunnel sealing.

Simplified maintenance is provided with a temperature and moisture sensor monitored motor and gear, and an easy to reach Thrust Sealing Unit if components need to be changed.

The Thruster features a High Efficiency BLDC (Brushless DC) Motor and a High Efficiency Planetary Gear for an unrivalled efficiency never seen before in a Thruster. In simple words, more thrust in a lot smaller package that is a great for optimizing placement during installation.

Because of putting the High Efficiency BLDC (Brushless DC) Motor and a High Efficiency Planetary Gear in the Thruster itself, you get even more advantages.

The housing itself can be a lot more streamlined, reducing drag, because all that needs to come up or down through the neck of the Thruster are some thin cables, no gears, no belts and no oil.

As the motor and gear is inside the Thruster, it is also direct “water” cooled, dramatic motor noise reduced and it is ignition protected according to ISO 8846.