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NODIN Innovation AS news page:

17.10.14: NODIN Innovation releases web-page!
Unfortunately it has taken a while longer than planned, but now we’re finally online. We hope we now have a dynamic and great site that illustrates both what we’re doing and which services we can offer!

22.10.13: NODIN Innovation AS changes company name!
Engbo Innovation AS changed name the 22nd of October 2013 to NODIN Innovation AS. NODIN stands for NOrwegian Development and INnovation.

01.10.13: NODIN Innovation AS moves into our own building!
1st of October 2013 we moved into “B13″ (Bjellandveien 13…), situated right outside the city-centre of Tønsberg.

Build year 1997, area/plot is a total of 3.500m2 and the building is 930m2




NODIN Innovation AS business idea, strategy, products and competence.

NODIN Innovation AS is a R&D company. Main areas within marine technology and medical and military evacuation equipment. Core activities involve design- and product development, prototype production and industrialization of own, concern and external projects.

The main marine products are described in the DC-Marine project page.

Through many years NODIN Innovation AS has acquired extensive technologic knowledge and competence. Product development in 3D mechanical design and FEM/FEA analyzing, and documentation. Mechanical and electronic prototype workshop with i.e. welding, lathe, milling capabilities. In house FDM 3D printer.
NODIN Innovation AS has a comprehensive contact network of sub-suppliers and manufactures both nationally and internationally.

CEO, key-personnel, experience
The company has today three full time employees:
CEO and founder – Finn Limseth, Technical Manager – Rune Østigård og Technician/Lab.assistant – Trond Hansen.

Finn Limseth is educated at Kongsberg Ingeniørhøyskole as an engineer within electronics, and micro-controllers. Limseth has over 20 years experience with product development and innovative solutions in offshore and marine applications (Brasnor, Simrad Subsea, Omicron). Former Engbo Innovation was founded by Limseth in 2002, and renamed to NODIN Innovation AS in 2013.

Rune Østigård is educated as an engineer from Agder Ingeniør- og Distriktshøyskole i Grimstad. Østigård has more than 10 years experience in sales, support, training and project activities related to CAD/CAM/FEM/FEA software. In addition he has photo- and visualization knowledge. He started in NODIN Innovation AS in 2006 as Technical Manager and partner.

In 2010, increased demand for mechanical production and assembly necessitated the employment of Technician Trond Hansen. Hansen has extensive and varied mechanical experience.

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